What’s the right way to switch to a different engine oil?

Every car owner is well aware that the absence of serious engine malfunctions and trouble-free operation of the car largely depends on the quality of the engine oil used. Under no circumstances should you ignore the need to change the oil, which should be selected in full accordance with the recommendations of the car manufacturer. In certain situations it is required to switch from one brand to another manufacturer, it is not clear whether it is safe to do so and how to act correctly in such a situation. And if the machine has fallen into disrepair, it should be sent for recycling. This will not only save you time and nerves, but also give you a lot of money: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

How to switch to another brand of engine oil?

Switching to a different brand of oil
In each case, the reasons for switching to a different brand of oil can vary significantly. Most often with the operation of the car in the engine there is a gradual depreciation, after which it is required to switch to an oil with different viscosity grades. In this case, car owners often decide to switch from one brand of oil to another.

It is not uncommon for such situations when there are problems with supply of quality oil. As a result, to be sure of the originality of the oil pouring into the engine, you should switch to well-established brands. Also, car owners often follow the recommendations of the masters in the services, they can advise them a particular quality brand of oil, which is better to pour into the engine of their car.

What is the right way to change the engine to oil from another manufacturer?

Changing Make of Oil
When changing an oil brand, you need to remember that its quality grade should be at least as good as the one used before. Especially it concerns modern engines which impose higher requirements to the quality of used oil. Using in such a case a cheap oil, which by its class is lower than the one recommended by the car manufacturer, we significantly reduce the engine life, and soon we will need to solve the problems with the appeared serious engine malfunctions.

What’s the right way to change to another engine oil?

Also a car owner who has decided to perform a change of brand or type of oil should remember that it is mandatory to perform internal washing of the engine. For this purpose, you can use both special auto chemicals and washing oil, which has a specialized additive package. Performing such a wash allows you to wash out of the engine all the impurities, excluding in the subsequent operation of the motor any problems. Properly performed engine wash eliminates the occurrence of a chemical reaction between the old and new oil, which often leads to clogging of channels in the cylinder head or cylinder block.

To summarize
If for any reason you decided to change the brand of engine oil, then remember that its quality class must be the same or higher than the previously used oil. It is obligatory to take into account the recommendations of the car manufacturer and to wash the engine from the inside, removing all the existing contaminants in the engine. Only then can new oil be completely safely filled into the engine, thus preventing engine damage and prolonging its service life.

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