The importance of installing an alarm system on a car

Installing an alarm system is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to protect your car from theft. And the best way to get the best cash for junk cars  is to scrap it. In addition to protecting the car and signaling about unauthorized access, these devices have many useful functions:

manage the operation of locks;
they can start and stop the engine;
turn off and turn on the audio system;
close the windows in the cabin and the sunroof;
help to control the location of the car;
display information about the status of the machine on the LCD display of the keyfob.
There is a well-founded opinion among car owners that the price of the car alarm system should correspond to the cost of the protected car. Do not spend a lot of money to buy the most advanced security device, if you want to protect the old “Lada” from theft. It is better to diagnose the car to better understand what kind of alarm system should be installed. But you should not save on the alarm system, which will stand on an expensive foreign car. The common expression that every lock has its own key is entirely justified in this case.

Differences and functions of anti-theft systems
An expensive multifunctional car alarm system is able to provide high-quality car protection. This increases the time spent on hijacking and will require the use of expensive hacking equipment. But in the case of theft of a luxury car, thieves are ready to bear such costs. Therefore, the alarm system does not give a 100% guarantee, but simply greatly complicates the theft of the car.

The most reliable and common types of anti-theft devices are the checkpoint lock or the “immobilizer+alarm”combination. The more options and the higher the level of protection, the less likely it is that someone will steal your car. No need to save on buying a car alarm system. However, it is worth following the rule of the “golden mean” when choosing it. The huge sums spent on the purchase of expensive locks usually do not justify themselves.

It is enough to buy an inexpensive device — a car alarm with autorun, which is in particular demand. The built-in remote engine start function is useful in severe frost and on a hot summer day. If you start the engine in advance, the interior will have time to warm up or cool down to a comfortable temperature. This is especially convenient in winter. After starting the engine, the seat and window heaters will begin to perform their functions. Thanks to this, you can immediately sit in the warm interior, and you will not waste precious time waiting for the engine to warm up. And you don’t even need to leave the house to do this.

Car alarm device
Regardless of the price and feature set, a car alarm system consists of the following components:

control unit;
service button;
impact sensor;
the control keychain.
It is possible to have additional modules that extend the functionality. The GSM unit makes it possible to receive commands via the cellular network and send an alarm signal and machine status data via it. Communication is carried out by sending an SMS message. In conjunction with the GPS module, the unit can help determine the location of the car, if it is given for temporary use or stolen. Connecting an alarm system with such a system will make it very difficult for intruders to steal a car. Perhaps, these are the additional features for which it is not a pity to overpay.

Where to install an alarm system
It is better to entrust the installation of the device, even the cheapest and simplest, as well as the repair of car alarms, to a professional. Only a master who specializes in this activity can ensure reliable operation and guarantee the operability of anti-theft protection. Savings from self-installation or contacting a low-weight car service can be very expensive. And it’s not just that an incorrectly installed alarm system may simply not work or go off at the wrong time.

The device is connected to the vehicle’s on-board power supply. Installation errors can lead to short-circuiting of the wiring and fire. Therefore, you can not save on the services of a specialist.

Most car owners have no doubts about the effectiveness and necessity of car alarms. Problems arise rather with the choice of a specific model. The range of electronic and mechanical devices on the market is huge. The most reliable solution is to install a kit that includes not only electronic, but also mechanical protection against theft. Such a decision may come as a surprise to the avtovor and he will not be able to overcome all the stages of protection. In addition, it will take additional time to overcome several devices. And keep in mind that an alarm system that is effective for one model of car may be almost useless for another. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account not only the level of protection, but also the compatibility of the anti-theft device.


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