Rapid discharge of the battery: the main causes

The battery in a car is essentially an advanced battery that stores charge from the alternator and, if necessary, delivers voltage when the engine is started. In the course of using the car, the battery can become discharged, requiring the car owner to recharge it in a timely manner. Let’s talk more about the main causes of rapid battery discharge. And if your car’s battery has been dead for a long time, and with it the engine and anything else, give such a car to recycling: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

Fast discharge of the battery: the main causes

Faults of the generator

One of the reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery are generator breakdowns, which can not give the necessary amount of electric current to the onboard network, respectively, for the work of the engine and various electrical consumers uses the charge from the battery, which leads to a rapid discharge of the battery. That’s why if you notice that the battery in your car discharges quickly, first of all you should check the condition of the generator.

Fast discharging of the battery: the main causes

Bad contact of wires
Often the reason for the rapid discharge of the battery are bad contact of wires, which over time are oxidized, which quickly puts the battery out of operation. Small short circuits can also occur, especially when non-standard electrical devices are installed in the vehicle. From time to time it is necessary to check the battery terminals and electrodes, which should be free of rust, dirt and traces of oxidation.

Fast discharging of the battery: the main reasons

Worn out battery
With the use of the car the battery begins to wear out, the lead plates in it are crumbling or covered with plaque, which significantly reduces the capacity of batteries. As a result such a battery, which according to the documents has a capacity of 60 ampere-hours, hardly draws only 15-20 amperes, which is obviously not enough for the proper operation of the battery.

Fast discharge of the battery: the main causes

Low air temperatures
In winter the battery has an increased load on the battery, the starter is more difficult to crank the engine to start it, respectively, requires more voltage, and this significantly reduces the life of the battery. Such problems can be solved by proper storage of the car, which is left overnight in an insulated garage or in a warm parking lot. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to recharge the battery before the onset of cold weather, which allows you to meet the cold winter with ease and fully armed.

Low mileage

The principle of the car battery is extremely simple, to start the engine from the battery electric current is taken, and while the car is moving the generator generates electric current, which is stored in the battery. If the car is used for minimal trips, the generator simply does not have time to charge the battery, which eventually discharges to zero, being unable to start the car engine.

To summarize.

There can be several reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery, first of all it is a breakdown of the generator or an aged battery that has lost its capacity. It is also possible oxidation and weak contact of wires or low air temperatures. Regardless of the causes of these battery problems, if you notice that the battery is getting worse at holding a charge, you need to have it diagnosed or the battery restored.

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