Injector and injector flushing

During the operation of the injector engine on the injectors, fuel lines and other parts of the fuel system are deposited contaminants. And if you consider that the quality of fuel sold in most Tomsk gas stations is not of European quality: it contains water, sulfur, benzene, additives to increase the octane number and even the usual dirt, flushing injectors in Russian operation is a vital necessity, since all the contaminants settle in the ramp, line and injectors, leading eventually to their failure. If it’s too late to change the injectors in your car, then turn it in here for good money:


Injector system pollution can be easily traced back to wrong engine operation: fuel consumption increases due to decreased injector performance and wrong spray angle, twitches and pause when accelerating, unstable idle rpm appear, the vehicle starts poorly in cold weather.



The easiest way to clean the fuel system, it is also the cheapest: the cost of washing the injector in this way is small. Such additives are inexpensive, freely available, and you can wash the injector yourself, pouring an additive in the gas tank every 5-6 thousand miles. This method actually cleans the whole fuel system, from the gas tank to the piston cylinders, where gasoline and cleaning fluid are burned. However, such injector flushing with solvent is suitable only as a preventive measure for system contamination, because trying to clean a heavily contaminated injector, you can achieve that the dissolved part of contamination will settle on the injector filters, in the pipes in the stagnant areas, thereby not getting rid of “clots”, but distilling them from one place to another. That is why this method is suitable only for new cars, in which there are not yet significant deposits, that is, as a preventive, where minor deposits are still able to go through the injector ramp injectors. For a car with mileage, this method of cleaning the injector will practically do nothing.


If the injector is moderately clogged, it makes sense to flush it without dismantling the injectors. For this purpose, the flushing unit is connected to the fuel system and not gasoline, but a special flushing liquid is fed into the injector, dissolving deposits in the injectors. The engine runs on this liquid for about 20 minutes with intervals for “soaking”. When the chemical flushing under pressure of 5-6 atmospheres the cleaning mixture is delivered, which not only flushes the injectors, but also effectively cleans the combustion chamber, valves, and ramp. Injector flushing solvent manufacturers now offer a wide range of mixes, so, among professional injector flushing products often choose Wynns (Vince). Flushing the injectors with the chemical method is carried out already on the service station, but it is not expensive. But even with all these advantages, this procedure is powerless against heavy contamination. In addition, after all the activities, it is necessary to replace the plugs, as the mixture is extremely aggressive. It is worth noting that in some cases the injectors may be removed and installed on the stand, washing them there, but this will not mean that the cleaning was ultrasonic.


When even chemical flushing does not help, ultrasonic injector flushing comes to the rescue. The meaning of the procedure is to flush the injectors of the injector engine in a special bath with a suspension under the action of the ultrasonic unit. In this way even complex impurities, not amenable to chemical cleaning, are separated. Another advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is the possibility to control not only the tightness and permeability, but also the shape of the spray nozzles. The possibility of such a fine washing of injector injectors of the injector engine is reflected in the price of the service: on average, it is higher than the chemical one. However, the effectiveness of the procedure allows you to save on the purchase of new parts, significantly reduce fuel consumption and increase vehicle power. Ultrasonic cleaning is used to clean badly clogged injectors – after using low-quality or low-octane gasoline. In any case, if your car drove significantly more than 30 thousand kilometers since the last cleaning or washing of the injector, it is worth applying this method of cleaning injectors. After disassembly, the injectors are placed in a chamber with a special liquid, at the bottom of which ultrasonic emitters are installed. Treatment with ultrasound alternates with testing of injectors, according to test results treatment mode is adjusted – the power of ultrasonic pulses, temperature of liquid etc. The treatment-testing cycle is repeated until all nozzle parameters are normalized. It is worth noting that this method of injector injector cleaning is the most effective. Maybe this example is not quite appropriate, but it is worth recalling that even hard deposits (stones) in human kidneys are destroyed under the influence of ultrasound.

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