How to transport your dog safely in the car?

A dog for many car owners can be the best companion when traveling by car. However, for such trips, it is necessary to train your pet in advance and take care of accessories so that it can travel safely and comfortably. It is also necessary to study in advance the peculiarities of scrap prices mississauga.


Not every dog ​​naturally loves to travel in a car.
The sooner we start taking the dog into the car, the easier it will get used to driving.
It is important that the dog’s car ride evokes positive emotions.
The dog cannot move freely around the car – this is dangerous for both it and passengers
There are dogs who, at the sight of an open car door, happily wag their tails and do everything to get into it as soon as possible and go with their owners wherever they go. However, there are those who hardly allow themselves to be dragged into the car and with which traveling becomes a torment for your fellow travelers. Where do these differences come from?

As usual, humans are most likely to blame for dog behavior problems. A dog can be an excellent companion, but not all animals have this “innate talent” – most pets just need to gradually get used to traveling by car, moreover, from a very early age.

The main thing is for the dog to associate the car with something good and funny. If the dog knows the car mainly because of unpleasant trips to the vet, then let’s not expect him to be happy to get in it when we want to take the pet for a car ride or on vacation.

Do not rely on the fact that a dog that drives a car once or twice a year will feel good in it or will be able to behave correctly in it, as well as control physiological reflexes. Transporting an agitated animal is not only dangerous and tiring for it, but it will also be very burdensome for you – due to stress, dogs lose more hair than usual, nervously gnaw on random objects, may get diarrhea and urinate uncontrollably.

Most dogs reach new owners within a few weeks. This is the moment when puppies, as a rule, have not yet been trained in cleanliness, so it is not surprising that their new owners are reluctant to take them in the car – they usually do this when they need to go to the vet with the dog. And if the kid still happens to get dirty in the car or spoil something, and the owner reacts to this incident nervously, then the injury and unwillingness to drive a car may remain for life! How can this be prevented?

From puppyhood onwards, dogs need to get used to the form of travel that we expect them to do when they grow up. If we teach a small, agitated puppy to ride on our knees, then we should not be surprised that later an adult dog will try to climb onto our lap at any cost.

The more often the dog travels with us, the better he will tolerate it – if, of course, we provide him with the right conditions and make sure that the trip is not associated with something unpleasant. Attention! Dogs are very sensitive to high temperatures, overheating can be fatal for them, it is unacceptable to leave the dog even for a short time in a heated car. Dogs also have very sensitive hearing – if we enjoy listening to loud music in the car, we should refrain from using the full power of the audio systems when traveling with the dog.

Transporting a dog just lying in the passenger compartment or at the feet of passengers is one of the most common mistakes. This is extremely dangerous, and not only for the animal. A hard braking or a small impact is enough for an unprotected dog to fly through the cab of the car, harming itself and other passengers. If the animal begins to get bored and looks for a place for itself in the car, it can, for example, move the gear lever, get under the feet of the driver, for example, not allowing to press the brake pedal, or simply distract the driver and thus lead to tragedy. Even if the dog is very calm, the journey of an uncontrollably moving dog through the car leaves a lot of hair, saliva smudges on the upholstery and other traces that are difficult to remove. However, this is very easy to avoid.

Useful accessories for driving a dog in a car

The safest and most comfortable way to transport your dog in a vehicle is to place it in a transport cage.

Various types of cages are available, from folding textile transport to plastic and even metal portable or fixed cages in the trunk. The cage must be the right size for both the dog and the car. It must be spacious and clean. It must also be placed in the car so that it does not move in the event of a collision or sudden braking.

Why is the cage the most comfortable and safest? First of all, it prevents the dog from moving around the car and reduces the risk of contamination of the car interior to an absolute minimum. In a properly selected, not too large cage, in the event of a collision or sudden braking, the dog is protected – it will not acquire such an impulse that can lead to serious injuries, and does not pose a danger to other passengers. Unfortunately – this solution has its drawbacks – the older the dog, the more difficult it is for him to get used to being in a cage / carrier. If you start to carry the puppy in this way, he will get used to it and in the future there will not be the slightest problem.

dogs in a crate inside a car…ready to go for a drive, Oslo Norway

Seat Covers: Available as seat covers or “hammocks” that are hung between the front and rear head restraints. The size of such a “hammock” should correspond to the size of the car’s interior. Unfortunately, the mat itself protects mainly the upholstery, not the dog and car passengers. If the dog must travel in a seat, then it is worth tying it to the seat belt buckle so that it cannot move freely around the car. You must keep this in mind when choosing a rug – not everyone has cutouts for accessing the straps.

Attention! Never tie your dog by the collar, you can break the neck of the animal with hard braking. The harness adapter always attaches to well-fitting dog harnesses!

Most dogs not accustomed to riding strapped on will try to bite the harness – it takes patience and firmness to wean a dog from this.

Wagon / Van / SUV Car Trunk Cover: In many cars, the trunk is a pretty safe and comfortable place for your dog. For this to happen, several conditions must be met: the trunk must be large enough, it must not contain objects potentially dangerous for the dog (for example, a fire extinguisher or nasal sprays that the dog can accidentally chew, which can lead to a disaster), and the dog may not be able to move freely between the trunk and the passenger compartment – the trunk must be separated by a lattice or strong net. To prevent the dog from staining the upholstery, it is worth installing a mat in the trunk. For most cars, you can choose models that protect not only the boot floor, but also the rear of the backrests, the sides of the boot, and even equipped with a cover that protects the bumper and the boot sill from the claws of a dog jumping into the car.

Trunk grill: If we want to carry a dog in the trunk of a car, this is an almost indispensable piece of equipment. If we do not have an original or intended for our car grill or net, we can purchase a universal model, for example, attached to the floor and ceiling of the luggage compartment.

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