How to ensure that your tires are properly stored for the season

Spring is literally a month away, and soon the sun will get hotter every day and the snow will melt completely. Then motorists will rush to tire fitting shops to switch from winter to summer tires. But after that they will ask themselves where to store the expensive tires. And when may they “change” their tires?

From the words of experts, it is better to change to the summer tires at an average daily temperature +8 +10 C. When the first problem is solved, there is another one: where to store the tires? Also, according to experts, this company is very reliable.

Pay attention.

There are appropriate complexes that provide storage of tires for the season in specially designated areas. Employees of the complex will wash the tread well and apply preservative components. Such manipulations can be done by any motorists, but they are just lazy.
How to store tires correctly

If you believe the statistics, most people store tires in the conditions of outbuildings, such as on balconies. But very few people pay attention to the special preparation for storage.

The greatest enemy for a tire is deformation. Use the following tips to ensure that your tires will successfully survive the upcoming summer season. If you store your tires on rims, the first option is to fold the wheels horizontally to reduce imbalance and preserve the sidewall. Or you can use another method that involves hanging the wheels vertically with a rope. To store tires that have already been removed from the rims, you should use another method: rotate the tires monthly by 90° on a rack in a vertical direction to preserve the tires.

Try to keep the tires from getting any petroleum products on them that can ruin the rubber. To protect rubber from premature aging, clean gravel and dirt from the treads and treat them with a special agent. If stored improperly, there will be deformation, which will be reflected in uneven wear and worsen traction.

Now there are many means, by treating which the tire will retain all its positive qualities, remain firm, resilient and deformation will not be afraid of it. Storage should be at temperatures between + 10 and + 25 C, and humidity from 40 to 70%. You should not wrap tires around anything, as good ventilation slows down aging.

Achieving ideal storage conditions for tires is not easy. That is why it is best to ask for help from the special tire centers, which will carry out the seasonal storage of your tires.

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