How do you determine critical engine wear?

Even the most reliable car engine breaks down sooner or later, after which it needs to be overhauled. Knowing the signs of such a dying engine, you can pick up a used car that will not give you much trouble, and the engine will last for many years without needing an expensive overhaul. If your engine has long been out of order, and with it some other parts of the car (or all of them), then such a car is ready to be accepted for recycling here:

How do you determine critical engine wear?

Oil in the intake manifold
If oil enters the throttle body and air filter from the crankcase ventilation system, then such an engine is already critically worn and requires an overhaul. Such indicates the presence of significant gaps between the piston and the cylinder, due to this excessive pressure appears in the crankcase, after which the gases together with the engine oil slurry begin to press out into the intake tract. You can determine such problems by removing the upper breather pipe, from which the crankcase gases will pulsate. Such an engine requires complex and expensive repairs, and it is best to refuse to buy a problematic used car.

How to determine critical engine wear?

Increased smokiness of the exhaust
The color of the exhaust can tell a lot about the condition of the engine. If there is thick steam coming out of the muffler, it indicates a breach of the cylinder head gasket. Typically, these malfunctions are accompanied by boiling of antifreeze and overheating of the engine, if you do not pay attention to this problem in time, the engine is said to behave, and subsequently requires a complete overhaul and replacement of the cylinder head.

If there is bluish and black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, it indicates the ingress of oil into the combustion chamber. The cause of such malfunctions are worn oil caps, which will require replacement. Only by disassembling the engine and removing the cylinder head can the malfunction be accurately determined. In some cases, the cause of oil getting into the combustion chamber is also lodging of oil rings. In any case such repair will be extremely expensive, therefore it is necessary to refuse from purchase of such copy of a car.

How to define critical engine wear?

Extraneous sounds in an engine
If a characteristic hum of worn bearings or knocking of valves can be heard from the engine, then such an indication of serious malfunctions of the engine. A professional will be able to determine whether the crankshaft journals are worn, whether the valve group needs to be adjusted, or whether such a motor will require overhaul at all. In any case, detailed diagnostics should be performed exclusively by specialists, who will be able to determine the existing malfunctions by only such extraneous sounds.

How to determine critical engine wear?

Problems with engine starting
If the engine has problems with starting, it may indicate a variety of malfunctions, ranging from worn spark plugs and insufficient pressure in the cylinders. In such a case, a complete diagnosis is necessary, only in this case it will be possible to establish the specific faults, as well as to calculate the approximate cost of such repairs.

Significant drop in power

Increased fuel consumption, deterioration of dynamics or power loss are the signs of serious problems with the engine. Such an engine will invariably require capital investments and complex repairs. Most experts do not recommend buying such cars, which have a significant drop in power, and if you are the owner of such a car, you should contact the service as soon as possible, perform a comprehensive diagnosis and repair the car.

Let’s summarize.

Problems with engine starting, a significant drop in power, increased smokiness or blue exhaust smoke from the muffler, as well as extraneous sounds and oil in the intake tract indicate serious engine faults, such a motor is guaranteed to require overhaul. If you pick up a used car, the presence of such symptoms indicates practically a dead engine, you should still refuse to buy such a car.

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