How do I detect damage to shock absorbers?

Periodically, the problem of repair or replacement of shock absorbers arises before any car owner – the owner of expensive foreign car or car of domestic production. Such is the specificity of roads of the country. True, the difference for the owner of the vehicle all the same there is: the Russian car brand replacement procedure for shock absorbers, and in general the repair of suspension is much easier than the foreign cars. In addition, often the repair of such units in foreign cars is not possible, they need only be replaced. In order not to bring the situation to critical, threatening an accident, you should be able to identify in time such defects in your car. This will be discussed below. But if the situation is still critical, then call the company that handles heavy equipment removal.

There are three ways to determine the condition of the running gear of the car. To do this, put the vehicle on a flat solid ground and let it stand for 10-15 minutes before diagnosing.

Method 1

Press forcefully on the bumper over each wheel in turn. Observe the behavior of the vehicle. The opposite side of the vehicle should lift and return to its original position. At the point where you pressed, the car should not wobble multiple times. Ideally, it should return to a static position after one up and down cycle. If there has been a l


ot of wobbling, you need to repair the strut or replace the shock absorbers completely.

Method 2

Visual inspection of the shock absorber strut. It should not be wet. Only a slight misting may be in the area of the rod outlet. If you do not find such a defect, the repair of shock absorbers will not be necessary. After all, moisture signals the lack of tightness of the rod seal. More

over, the more moisture on the rack, the sooner you should look for a car service to make repairs.

Method 3

Press the bumper repeatedly over each of the car’s wheels. If the vehicle quickly comes to a static position after swinging hard each time, it is considered safe to drive. You only need to constantly monitor the quality of the node and the presence of the right amount of fluid. If there are deviations from the norm, do not delay a trip to the car service. After all, over time, the repair may already become impossible, so the shock absorbers will already have to be replaced.

Repair of shock absorbers

If you still decided to drive on for the time being, the risk of breakdown of the running gear of the car is growing. In this case, you will need to repair the chassis. You will need to make a new piston, rod, and seal and install a new assembly. Such work can professionally perform only employees of the service station, which will increase the cost of repair. It is better to pay attention to the problem in time and eliminate it with little effort, than to postpone and eventually pay for the replacement of the assembly.

In conclusion, I will say about the owners of foreign cars who want to put a domestic shock absorber on the car. It is possible. But replacement entails a painstaking fitting of parts, preventing the reduction of suspension travel and compression stroke. After all, the violation of the design will cause deformation of other parts of the undercarriage. Which will lead to another repair. In a bad case, it will lead to the reduction of vehicle controllability and, consequently, safety.

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