5 ways to change engine oil – choose the most working one

At first glance, the procedure for changing the oil in a car engine and scrap car removal scarborough is very simple; you can do it yourself or entrust it to a car service. But in reality, there are many ways to change the oil, the advantages and disadvantages of which the experts of the Za Rulem publication decided to understand. Let’s see which way will be the most correct?

Popular methods
The most common way to change oil in a car engine is to drain the oil through a plug in the engine sump. Most drivers use this method as the fastest and most reliable, but it also has disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that after draining the engine, up to 10 percent of the old oil remains in the engine. This problem is compounded if quick engine cleaners have been used, they also remain in the engine and mix with clean oil, which degrades its properties.

Technological methods
Not the best way to get rid of used oil is pumping it out through the filler neck. This method is commonly referred to as express oil change and is used at roadside oil sales and change points. It is often not worth using this method, as a large amount of contamination remains in the engine.

The most correct option for changing the oil in a car engine can be called a classic replacement using a special flushing oil. This is done as follows: first, the mining is drained, then flushing oil is poured into the motor, on which it has been operating for some time, then it is drained and only after that new lubricant is poured.

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