10 tricks to avoid falling asleep at the wheel of a car

A quarter of serious car accidents are caused by tired drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. This situation is common for those who have gone on a long trip. Monotonous driving at night lulls you to sleep and can cause a serious accident. If this happens, there is only one way out – use scrap car removal scarborough.

Scientists proved that after 4 hours of uninterrupted driving, a motorist’s response decreases by 2 times, after 9 hours – by 7 times. That is why it is so important to learn how to fight sleepiness. In this article we will tell you about 10 ways to overcome sleep and get safely to your destination.


Talking to your passenger is an effective way to stimulate your brain. The main thing is that they do not distract from the road. The passenger will also notice your sleepiness and help you get rid of it. If the passenger also nods, stop to rest, because this is a sure sign of fatigue, and a sleeping passenger will not cope with it.

2. Music

Bored, tired man sleeping at the wheel of his car

If you’re alone in the car, listening to rhythmic music will help. Invigorating and uplifting tracks are better than the calm, but your favorite classics.

3. Singing .

If listening isn’t having the desired effect, try singing along loudly. When you pick up the words, the brain is stimulated and in parallel the blood is oxygenated, which increases the body’s tone and relieves drowsiness.

Tonic Drinks

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate help on the road. Although their influence on the body is different for each person: half a cup of coffee will cheer you up, but even three will hardly help.

It is important to remember that the effect of this method brings a short time, so after two hours the tonic effect of coffee is gone.

5. energy drinks

Such drinks include caffeine. In addition, they are saturated with vitamins, taurine, useful acids and other tonic compounds. The result is a mixture that invigorates better and longer than coffee. The main thing is not to overdo the dose, because in large quantities, energy pills are harmful to the body.

6. energy pills

They have the same composition as energy drinks, but differ in the aggregate state. Because of the compactness, it is easier to take a pack of pills with you than a pack of energy drinks.

7. Food .

If on the road sometimes to eat crackers, nuts, candy and other small edible things, it also helps to tone up the body. The main thing is to know the measure, because satiety makes you sleepy.

8. Alarms of fatigue

Some cars are already equipped with special devices – fatigue alarms. They monitor the driver’s driving behavior and emit a sharp sound if, for example, he drove into the oncoming lane or the curb without turning on the turn signal. After all, this happens if the driver is drowsy.
If your car does not have such a system, buy a fatigue alarm at an auto goods store. It works on a similar scheme.

9. Concentration

A distraction from sleep is concentration. Set tasks and solve them: find brands of cars, count poles, etc.

10. Change of physical condition

Ways to help include:

exercises – muscle tension, head shaking, etc.;
Changing the temperature inside the car;
Wiping with a wet cloth and washing with cold water;
Gentle massage of the ear or eyeballs.
Each of the above methods is good, but we recommend not driving long distances and at night without an absolute necessity. That way, the risk of getting into an accident will be reduced.

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